Jujutsu, which generally refers to systems of unarmed combative techniques, is one of the oldest branches of Japanese martial arts. Images of fighters using jujutsu techniques can be found in a variety of early historical records.
Jujutsu is a Japanese martial art that focuses on simple, practical, efficient techniques as originally found in both ancient and contemporary martial arts. It is a combat science; not a sport. Its principles and techniques come from Japanese unarmed combat and self-defense techniques from the battle field. Although Jujutsu is considered by most as a “soft style” of martial art, it has in arsenal devastating atemi waza (striking techniques) that are strategically used against vulnerable places of the opponent’s body. It is not uncommon to attack the eyes, knees, throat, joints and nerve centers of the opponent during engagement.


Judo borrows from some of these traditional jujutsu techniques to form the modern Olympic sport. Jiguro Kano, a Jujutsu Master, took most of the striking and lethal techniques out of the combat science curriculum to form Kodokan Judo. Although Olympic Judo still looks similar to original Kodokan Judo, there are several differences that vastly separate the two.

Jeet Kune Do

JKD is the vision of Bruce Lee. Unlike the other arts taught at Dragon Fighting Systems, JKD and its Concepts are taught as a perspective on combat; not a system or martial art. It is more a philosophy on the the choices, way and methods of fighting to maximize efficiency and lethality in combat. Basic principles are explored and techniques are taught through sparring and and practical engagement.

Men’s and Women’s Self Defense

Taught in seminar and small group environment, Dragon Fighting Systems is the premier resource for helping employers and their team members stay safe in today’s world. Classes for both men and women are available.