Dragon Fighting Systems believes you must take care of your body, mind and spirit. Regular training is an outward expression of this belief. To be complete, one must fuel the body with the building blocks to heal, grow, and maintain normal body functions (health, strength, vitality, blood flow, metabolism). Your body is a finely crafted machine. Feed it lawn mower gas, you will get the output of a lawnmower engine. Feed your body “jet fuel” and it will respond accordingly! Good health and good training start with good nutrition. Dragon Fighting Systems recommends the products from Victory Nutrition International as the most clinically beneficial, convenient and affordable supplementation source available. Its patented absorption technology and liquid delivery guarantees that the nutrition gets in to your cells, not just flushed out of your body and get wasted.

With Over 40 published studies, and most on the end product (not simply an ingredient like some companies use), the supplements from Victory Nutrition are tested and clearly a cut above the generics or fads that come and go. Some of the science is included below:


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Mental Clarity, Focus, and Stress Reduction

Phytonutrient Liquid Vitamin and Mineral Formula

Digestion And Metabolism

The science behind THIONEXTRA

Mental Clarity, Focus, and Stress Reduction

The Science Behind VNi