Ken Nazemetz

2010 Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame Inductee 

Profile – the Arts

Ken Nazemetz is an active martial artist with more than 25 years of training. Founder of Little Dragon, Inc. ( He is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Jujutsu under the American Traditional Jujutsu Association, a 6th Dan Black Belt under the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation and a 4th Dan Black Belt in Olympic Style Judo in both USA JUDO and the ATJA. He is a certified instructor in Jeet Kune Do, a third Generation student under Bruce Lee, (Guro Sifu Marcellus Brown) and certified instructor in both Kickboxing and Dumog Methods.

2010 – Present Founder of Ganseki Judo. Ganseki Judo is a program associated with the ATJA. Together with Carolinas American Judo Association, CAJA, Ganseki Judo represents one of the largest training school for judo and jujutsu under the ATJA flag in the United States. 

2000 – 2010 Martial Arts Coach for the Carolina Panthers NFL Football Team. During these years, his player athletes reached the Super Bowl. 

1993 – 1994 Men’s Varsity strength training program at Davidson College. With plyometrics, and various martial arts training techniques, he gave the team training and a Warrior attitude. 

Nazemetz Sensei is extremely active as Co-coordinator and Co-director of the Greatest Camp on Earth, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This Judo and Jujutsu Camp is routinely recognized as the premier training opportunity for the Japanese and Chinese martial arts, drawing teachers and students from as far as Russia, Sweden, Poland, England, Puerto Rico, France, and the United States to enjoy the celebration of the martial sciences and sports through hard work and fellowship. Students from over 30 states across the country attended this year’s Camp. 

Profile – the Sciences
1999 – Present Consulting and training contracts nationally; with full contact fighters including those involved with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, World Shoot fighting Championships National Seminars, Clinics and military personnel.

2002 – 2003 – Officially recognized by the Army National Guard for his role in the training of military police at handling detainees and dangerous prisoners of war.

1999 – Coordinated and trained Sione Latu for his exhibition fight against Joey “Superman” Roberts in UFC XIX, in Bay St. Louis, MS. Latu beat his opponent through shear skill, will and determination.

1996 – Present – Contracted to train or is currently training members of elite military and / or police units including Army, Federal Homeland Security Personnel, ICE, Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, and VICE unit members. Nazemetz had been contracted to train with or is currently training members of street drug interdiction units in North Carolina. Nazemetz specialties include hand-to-hand and knife-to-hand training as well as ground fighting and multiple attacker defense methodologies.


Little Dragon Inc. 1991 to Present 

Little Dragon, Inc. is a Sports and Body Enhancement and Nutrtition Company specializing in martial arts and sciences training, body development,  health, symmetry, and balance.

Little Dragon Inc and Dragon Fighting Systems  hold or has held contracts worked with members the National Football League, including Richardson Sports and the Carolina Panthers, as well as players from around the NFL. 

Little Dragon, Inc. and Dragon Fighting Systems hold or has held contracts with private professional athletes in the National Football League and NASCAR including True Speed Racing, Hendrix Racing, Joe Gibbs Racing, and Motorsports Management Inc.


1986 – 1990 (B.A.) Davidson College Davidson, North Carolina 

1990 – 1993 (Professional) University of North Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina 


Active Board Member and former President of the American Traditional Jujutsu Association 

Active Member of the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation

Life Member of the United States Judo Association – former Chair, Jujitsu Division

2010 Inductee – Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame for his Outstanding Contributions to the Martial Arts

Nazemetz Sensei makes a distinct difference between the arts and sciences of martial arts. While he respects, enjoys and acknowledges the commercialized martial arts, his passion lies in the sciences and the exploration of their depths in Bushido. “Preserving the Legacy through Creativity” is the single greatest gift he hopes to give to his students. “Anyone can imitate. To teach a student to Innovate is the true test of a teacher.”


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